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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days PC Crack & Keygenerator

Experience 48 hours of hell with two of gaming’s most notorious criminals. In Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Kane and Lynch face the consequences when a simple job gone wrong sets off a desperate and frantic struggle to escape the entire Shanghai underworld. Experience intense action in Single Player, online and offline Co-op, Fragile Alliance multiplayer and Arcade modes. Ground-breaking art direction, relentless action gameplay, and innovative multiplayer re-define the action-shooter experience and position this product from IO Interactive as the stand-out shooter of 2010.
Key Game Features:
-A New Shooter Experience

-Play as Lynch — This time play as psychopath Lynch, taking full advantage of the opportunities -Online Co-op — Play cooperatively with a partner through the entire story mode of the game
-New Shooter Gameplay — New shooter mechanics built from the ground up
-Down not Dead — a second chance that allows the player to shoot back or crawl to cover-Human
-Critically-Acclaimed Heist Multiplayer — Fragile Alliance is back with innovative new modes:
-Fragile Alliance — based on Greed, Betrayal & Revenge;
-Undercover Cop — adds an extra level of paranoia to Fragile Alliance as teams are infiltrated by a mole set to stop the alliance.
-Cops & Robbers — creates a new team-mode dynamic with Robbers trying to protect the money and Cops trying to retrieve it. For up to 12 players
-Arcade mode — Sharpen your heist skills in single player Arcade mode.

Game Information:

System: PC,XBOX360,PS3
Game Genre: Action, Shooter
Game Format: Disc
Media: DVD/Rom
Gameplay Video:

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Madden NFL 11 - PC, Xbox, PS3

Madden NFL 11 redefines the way you experience the game of football. Simpler: from 350 plays down to 1, the all-new GameFlow system puts you in the helmet of an NFL quarterback, to execute an authentic, situational game plan, one play at a time. Quicker: with 60-minute game times reduced to 30, spend more time on the field and less in the playbook. Same drama, half the time. Deeper: Madden NFL 11 is feature-rich, with improved animations and control options, enhanced online functionality, and new broadcast and audio presentation that delivers the NFL experience fans have come to expect.
Key Game Features:
-Experience Madden NFL redefined online as well as a new level of excitement with revamped audio presentation, from the booth and the field
-All-new GameFlow playcall system puts you inside the helmet of an NFL quarterback like never before
-Plays game in an all-new playcall system, experience drama and excitement of a full game in 30 minutes
-All-new Dual Stick Control drastically reduces button dependency for the ball carrier
-New Coaching Tips automatically pause the game at critical points to help explain each situation

Game Information:

System: PC,XBOX360,PS3
Game Genre: Sports/Football
Game Format: Disc
Media: DVD/Rom
        Video Gameplay

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Call of Duty Series: Black Ops Beta

Inspired by the experiences of real Black Ops soldiers of the era, the missions of Call of Duty: Black Ops take the player to a wide variety of settings, ranging from snowbound mountain strongholds in historical Soviet held territories, to the jungles and urban settings of Vietnam War era SE Asia. Throughout all, care has been taken to maintain the traditional essence of Call of Duty style combat, while also introducing new types of player action that add to the gameplay experience. Additional features include co-op, versus and team-based multiplayer options, new vehicles like the SR-71 Blackbird and lethal new weapons such as explosive-tipped crossbows.

Key Game Features:
-Seventh installment of the Call of Duty series, based on the live fire conflicts of the Cold War era.
-Diverse variety of play setting ranging from urban air and ground combat in SE Asia, to snow combat in Soviet region and jungle combat.
-Blending of traditional COD, and new first-person character scenarios designed to both retain the essence of the COD gaming experience and ensure constantly flowing and varied action.
-New arsenal of weapons and vehicles tied to the Cold War era, including the SR-71 Blackbird and sited explosive-tipped crossbows.
-Wide array of play modes including single player, local multiplayer versus and online co-op and multiplayer.

Game Information:
System: PC,XBOX360,PS3

Compatibility:WINDOWSVISTA/XP,MAC,ALL VERSIONS OF XBOX 360 & PS3Game Genre: Action, First Person Shooter
Game Format: Disc
Media: DVD/Rom
Video Gameplay:

Need for Speed World Online - PC

Need for Speed World combines the rush of illicit street racing, deep RPG style progression and vehicle customization into an immersive, socially-connected Need for Speed experience. Players can compete against any one of their friends, family or pick from thousands of top ranked players to challenge in intense online battles and police pursuits across 150 miles of sprawling open world.
Key Game Features:
-Massive Online Need for Speed World
-Race and explore a persistent and evolving world
-Socially Networked Racing Community
-New Power-Up System
-RPG Progression
-Give yourself the edge in races, pursuits and exploration by leveling up your driver and driver skills.
-Constant car list updates always provide new and exclusive licensed vehicles to drive and customize

Game Information:
System: PC
Compatibility: WindowsXP/Vista/Mac
Game Genre: Action/Racing
Game Format: Disc
Media: DVD/Rom
Gameplay Video

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clash of the Titans (PS3 & Xbox 360) KeyGenerator

Featuring a thematic setting based on Greek Mythology and a story entwining the "War of Hades" the game delivers an intense world of Dark Fantasy. Gameplay standout features the ability to acquire and use enemy weapon to advance and defeat opponents, as well as challenging boss battles and faithful reproduction of scenes out of the movie.

Key Game Features:
-Clash of the Titans is an action-adventure game pairing to the theatrical release of the same name. .
-Relive adventures of Perseus from movie.
-New, original bosses adventure.
-Take your enemies power and make it your own.
-Explore and conquer 15 vast environments. .
-Unlock new adventures beyond the Clash of the Titans film in Storyline mode.
-Battle more than 100 mythological creatures including centaurs, succubi, cyclops and enemies from the film.

Game Information:
System: Xbox 360/PS3
Compatibility: All Versions of the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3
Game Genre: Mythical/Fantasy
Game Format: Disc
Media: DVD/Rom
                                                                   Gameplay Video:
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