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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deathsmiles (Xbox 360)

Enter the world of Gilverado, a kingdom plagued by hideous monsters and tortured souls. Choose from four angels with unique demonic familiars and battle against a storm of enemies pouring out of Hell's gates! Fight your way out of tight spots as you are surrounded by enemy units and bullets from both sides of the screen. The unique left/right shooting mechanic of Deathsmiles will keep you on your toes as you dodge and weave through complex enemy fire, beautifully crafted by the modern masters of shmups, CAVE.


Key Game Features:
-Online two-player co-op play option available via Xbox LIVE
-Play as one of four playable characters as you test your supernatural powers against the onslaught of the Ice Palace and its forgotten protector
-Choose your own route through the game's stages and set the difficulty for each, from a level of 1 to 3, allowing you to customize the bullet count and boss toughness
-Save replays of your own games to watch later for your own enjoyment. Players can also download the top 20 scoring runs on the leaderboards

Game Information:
System: Xbox 360
Compatibility: All Versions of the Xbox 360
Game Genre: Fanatasy
Game Format: Disc
Media: DVD/Rom
                                        Video Gameplay:


Sugi said...

u got me adicted to this game!

i love this blog. how u do this!

sorry for english i am japanese


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